My name is Bri. I'm a 19 years old girl from West Michigan with a passion for anything beautiful and simplistic. My weaknesses include indie movies, clothes that are 2x too big, and boys that look homeless. Talk to me, I'm a nice lady, I swear!
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Cute but Gross Patch $5.00
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i cant go to bed mom, im busy harassing corporate blogs over the internet

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hey mom can you help me roll this blunt

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Funny Stuff you like?
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Untitled by Monica Galvan
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"I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I overreact.
I’m sorry I stress you out.
I’m sorry my parents hate you.
I’m sorry I never know what I want.
I’m sorry I let others get the best of me.
I’m sorry I cry more than I express my feelings.
I’m sorry I have mood swings that change like the seasons.
I’m sorry I’m too jealous
I’m sorry I can’t control my temper anymore.
I’m sorry I live 20 minutes away and you never have the gas to see me.
I’m sorry I’m needy.
I’m sorry I get mad when you get too fucked up.
I’m sorry I always pity myself.
I’m sorry I need constant affection.
I’m sorry I’d rather listen to rap rather than metal.
I’m sorry I always have to be right.
I’m sorry I’m a control freak.
I’m sorry I steal all of your sweatshirts.
I’m sorry I’m judgmental.
I’m sorry I can’t be alone without thinking about hurting myself.
I’m sorry it took me five months for me to tell you that i want to kill myself.
I’m sorry I hate being big spoon.
I’m sorry I make you feel guilty.
I’m sorry I can’t get over the thought that you’ve fucked other girls before me.
I’m sorry I take up all of your time.
I’m sorry I’m bossy.
I’m sorry I’m always horny.
I’m sorry I need you alone too much.
I’m sorry I can’t save money worth shit.
I’m sorry I hate my Prozac.
I’m sorry I can’t say sorry to your face.
But mostly, I’m sorry that you have to put up with me…"

I’m Sorry I Suck At This- (stonywankenobi¬†)
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